Private Pilot Flight Training

Aviation Sales offers the Private Pilot Certification Course as a starting point for the student who wishes to become a private pilot or continue on to the professional level. The Private Pilot Course is offered under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61 & 141.

The Private Pilot course consists of both flight and ground instruction. The flight portion is broken down into three segments. Pre solo, where you will learn to maneuver the airplane, take off and land. During the second stage you will learn navigation, both theory and practice. The third stage ties all the lessons together and prepares you for the flight test.

The ground portion of the training covers all the subject areas that are tested during the Private Pilot Knowledge exam. These topics include aerodynamics, airplane systems and equipment, meteorology, performance and weight and balance computations, navigation, electronic navigation, physiology and more.

Please contact Paige Kakas for private pilot certificate pricing.