Multi-Engine Time Building Packages

According to Airline Pilot Central (2012), the largest pilot hiring spree in the history of the aviation industry will occur over the next 10-15 years.

Projected retirements of pilots will cause a quantum shift in airline hiring. Many regional airlines now require 100 hours of multi-engine time and 1200-1500 hours of total time to even qualify for an interview. ASI can help you get that airline job by offering cross-country multi-engine time building packages tailored to the needs of regional airlines.

Our pricing includes our Piper Aztec, fuel and instructor.

35 hours  -  $10,062.50

65 hours  -  $18,687.50

85 hours -  24,437.50

100 hours-  $28,750.00

*Completion times will vary based on weather, availability and other circumstances.

* Taxes are in addition to prices quoted.

Please contact Paige Kakas for a customized quote to fit your training needs.