Instrument Training at Aviation Sales

Aviation Sales, Inc. offers the Instrument Rating Course for the private or commercial student who wishes to expand their horizons, even if it means flying through the clouds. The Instrument Rating Course is offered under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61 & 141.

The Instrument Rating Course consists of both flight and ground instruction. The flight portion is broken down into four segments. The first stage, basic attitude instrument is where you will learn to maneuver the airplane solely by reference to the instruments. The navigation stage follows with a detailed look at navaids and flying using them as your only navigation. The third stage deals with flying instrument approaches and holds. The fourth and final stage combines the previous stages and adds navigation. During this stage you will fly several flights of at least 100 miles using only the flight instruments and electronic navaids.

The ground portion of the training covers all the subject areas that will be tested during the instrument pilot knowledge exam. These topics include aircraft systems and instruments, instrument charts, navaid theory, approach theory, meteorology, regulations, and more.

Please contact Paige Kakas for private pilot course pricing.