Flight Training at Aviation Sales

ASI has been fulfilling the dream of flight since 1958. The Aviation Sales Inc. Flight Academy specializes in all types of flight training - from personal to professional flying.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, airline pilot jobs are expected to increase by 12% from now to 2024 due to increased air travel worldwide and retiring employees. Now is the time to begin your flight training to meet the job demands of the future.

Recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration, the ASI Flight Academy is the exclusive flight training provider for Sinclair Community College. We provide flight training in both Part 61 and 141. Our Certified Flight Instructors offer ground instruction as well as flight instruction. Degree and non-degree options are available to students in the Sinclair Community College Professional Pilot training program. In addition, multi-engine flight time building programs through Aviation Sales, Inc. are available to meet airline hiring requirements