Other Flight Training Courses

Aviation Sales, Inc. offers several other courses under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61 & 141. Each course has its own prerequisites, costs and completion time. Please call or contact us for further information.

Certified Flight Instructor

This course takes a commercial / instrument student to the flight instructor level. Ground instruction and practice teachng is the focus of the ground portion while the flight portion covers basic knowledge up through complex airplane procedures.

Instrument Instructor

This course is designed for the flight instructor who is interested in teaching instrument / ATP courses. Ground instruction of instrument procedures and the execution of those maneuvers in the plane are the focus.


This course introduces multiengine flying to the student already rated in single engine aircraft.

Multi-Engine Instructor

This course covers multiengine flying, both theory and flight from the instructor standpoint.

Other Services Available

  • ATP

  • High Performance

  • Recurrent Training

  • Complex

  • Flight Reviews

  • Instrument Proficiency Checks

  • Insurance Checkouts

  • CFI Renewal & Reinstatement

  • Rental Checkouts

Please contact Paige Kakas for course pricing.