Aircraft Rental at Aviation Sales

Our fleet of modern aircraft:

  • C172SP - $130 per hour
  • C172N - $130 per hour
  • C172RG - $135 per hour
  • C152 - $94.50 per hour
  • Piper Aztec - $250.00 per hour
    (dual instruction only)

Our in-house maintenance department maintains our rental aircraft to the highest safety standards. All rental rates include fuel. Aircraft availability and prices are subject to change without notice.

Rental Requirements:

  • Private Pilot License or student solo endorsement from Aviation Sales Approved Instructor
  • Current Medical/Flight Review or equivalent
  • Aircraft Checkout Quiz
  • Flight Checkout with ASI Approved Instructor
  • Rental checkout requirements and times will vary based on make and model of aircraft.


Rental Documents

Prior to aircraft rental and student pilot solo, this document needs to be completed and submitted.  Your instructors who provides the checkout will need to sign it too.

Weight & Balance Form

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Pilot Record

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Aviation Medical Examiners

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